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I invite you to critique my past projects. Please look over my web portfolio and make your judgement. If you don't think these are any good, then you are probably not the client I am seeking. If however, you think maybe they are not all that bad, but possibly can be improved in some areas, then please send me an email, so that I can improve according to your feedback. Finally, if you see one or two you believe are fantastic and awesome, then pass this along to your friends or whoever is looking for a good web site to improve their business or personal blog. Thank you.

Web pages are an opportunity to present publicly, the essence of who you are and what you represent.

My motto is "value for your money", and I have been involved with designing and implementing websites for over 10 years. This page shows links to projects I have created, beginnning with the most recent. My goal has always been to create pleasant and meaningful experiences. In other words: "First Impression, Last Impression".

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1. Mike Horne

Mike Horne's Website

2. Axiom Salon & Spa

Axiom Salon & Spa

3. Rainforest Custom Paint Finishes

Rainforest Professional Applications Inc.

4. Secret Nail and Beauty Supplies:

Secret Nail & Beauty Supply

5. Heidimarie Bischoff Fine Art


6. Welcome to JANE'S Designs


Example of one of my original creations:

Secret Beauty Supplies Catalogue
(an original creation)

I can no longer be reached by cell due to misuse. Thank you for visiting.